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Grace ArchSFB paid tribute to the remarkable Grace and Archie Pick, stalwart members of the Association for 34 years.

Grace and Archie have seen many changes and transitions; in the community, in ward boundaries, in government and in Ward Councillors. In that regard, it was a tribute to the esteem in which they are held that our new Ward Councillor,Cllr. Shayne Ramsay, and her predecessor Jacques Weber were there, a greeting was read from Beverley Schafer and JP Smith also came by.

Through all the changes and transitions, Grace and Archie have been there looking out for our community’s interests. There is a particular group that will know all about this …… the 27 000 officials working for the City of which about 75% of them have probably heard of our Grace and Arch. Certainly, if you work in the City’s Planning, Environment or Heritage Departments, Grace has your direct work and cellphone numbers. As a result, you will have learned that there is no-one who takes up community-cause quite as tenaciously as our Grace.

Our community owes a heartfelt thanks to Grace and Arch. We wish them the chance now to enjoy the Prom and the seafront which they worked so hard to protect and hope that they’ll take time out to relax on the bench which we dedicated to them. 

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• Take the necessary precautions when walking about;
• When parking your car – do NOT leave anything visible inside;
• Always double check the handle after locking with remote.
• RECYCLE and Reduce land waste

TUFFYDid you know there is even a by-law prohibiting people from walking a dog without means to pick up their dog droppings? 

Lucky for all the Promenade Dog walkers the SFB Crime & Grime together with their sponsors DOGGY-DO, @FRITZ and TUFFY brands have provided dispensers with doggy-poo bags free to all. 


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