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Dear Ratepayers & Residents,

Homelessness and vagrancy is one of the major challenges facing all of us in our neighbourhoods, city and country.

Every day we pass people who live on the streets and many of us want to help. It is important to acknowledge that not all homeless fall into the same category.  Some are down and out and want desperately to get back on their feet whilst for others life on the streets is something they don’t want to escape from; there are also those involved in criminal activity.  When we give handouts, though our intentions are good, we are often aiding them to stay on the streets.

In the beginning of this year SFB Crime & Grime employed the services of a Fieldworker, Jantjie Booysen, to work part-time in Beach Road from Three Anchor Bay to Saunders Rocks. He has been tasked with engaging the homeless to address their daily situation on the ground and relocate them to shelters or with their families; at the same time identifying the criminal element who take advantage.


Alex pic“Alex Chiweshe is my name, originally I am from Zimbabwe and have been living in South Africa for the last seven years and all this time I was based in Joburg. I was working in the hotel and restaurant industry because I am qualified hotelier and I have a degree in travel and tourism.  Two months ago my life took a twist, I was invited to Cape Town by a family friend for a job because the company I was working for in Joburg had closed down.

I arrived in cape town on Monday morning by bus as per our arrangement with my friend and that’s when my nightmare began. I tried calling my friend and the phone was going to voicemail. I spent the whole day trying but to no avail. As I was new in Cape Town I did not know what to do and here I was stranded during the night. Feeling tired I needed a place to rest and while I was sleeping it got worse, I was robbed of my belongings lucky not to get hurt. I learned that at night no matter who you are or where you are from you can end up living on the street.  I spent almost a week on the street not knowing what to do or where to next, just walking in town to sea point everywhere thinking that I might meet someone I know to help me. Eventually through my church I was referred to Mr Jantjie Booysen who became my life saver!  He assisted me in finding a shelter at Ubuntu which has been my home. He even helped me to find a job at a panel beater shop until I can save enough to go back to Joburg.

In the last two months I have learnt that life can change anytime its only how you pick up yourself from all the struggles that makes you stronger. I have seen many people being helped at the shelter, some running away and some appreciate the help.  Thank you”


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