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It is hot in February and SFB have been working up a sweat to implement and add on more services and initiatives in the name of SFB Safety and Cleaning for our community.  YES you saw correctly there has been a name change!   SFB SAFETY & CLEANING INITIATIVE.


Security have been on the scene reporting and assisting Law Enforcement and SAPS. 

The Progress activity reports from the Security patrollers (Four segway mobile units patrolling Beach Road, Promenade plus tributary roads 24/7) are:-
• Checking folk who trespass the by-laws;

• Assisting with arrests (Four over December & January);

• Being alert and on the scene reporting and assisting Law Enforcement and SAPs with people being mugged;
Criminal activity;
• Accidents (recent burning car, drownings, etc.);
• Folk needing medical attention (woman giving birth);
• Environmental issues (distressed sea creatures; water issues, etc.)

Just recently the patrollers were the first to report to SAPS suspicious behaviour and the first to uncover drugs worth R80k and a cash amount in the bushes in a car park in Sea Point.



straatwerkCleaning is provided by Straatwerk (an NPO) SEVEN days a week. TWICE per day on Beach Road and the Promenade (Phase I) as well as THREE days a week in ALL the side roads between Beach & Main Roads Worcester Rd(Phase II).

SFB have launched in conjunction with Straatwerk a recruiting upliftment programme whereby they recruit displaced persons from the beachfront to give them work, dignity as well as encouraging them to go to a shelter and off the street.

• 610 shifts worked (2017)
• 6 841 bags of rubbish collected (2017)
• 128 517 doggy poo bags dispensed into our dispensers (lower case d in dispensers please) SFB provided (2017)

“Thank you SFB, wonderful to see Worcester Rd finally getting a proper clean-up”

- SFB Safety & Cleaning member in Worcester Road


Through our Upliftment Programme, Straatwerk (an NPO) employs the homeless to become part of their cleaning teams and to give them the dignity of a daily income. Most importantly, at the Straatwerk Depot they have many opportunities available to ensure that homeless has all the tools to help them permanently off the street such as:

      • Life Skill Classes

      • Job Readiness Programme

      • A Training Fund for obtaining vocational qualifications for faithful participants

      • Sanitation (shower/bath)

      • Laundry facilities

      • Cash paid for shifts worked

      • Overnight facilities for night and early morning teams

    • Savings plan to help the homeless save up R70, they will then match with their own R70 and help the individual obtain an ID. They can also save until R300 in “ready cash” in order for them to purchase a ticket back home or to be used for any other important matter.

• The Straatwerk upliftment program since implementation in mid-December has 30 participants in the program.
• The cumulative recruitment list assists in compiling a database of the clients
• The clients are open to the work opportunity
• The Program is an ongoing process that can assist to restore the dignity of our clients.

We ARE making a difference!   BE THE CHANGE  
For further information please contact the SFB Coordinator, on 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or  Tel. 0788 730 423

JOIN today for a SAFER & CLEANER area.          


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