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In response to a noticeable increase of crime and grime in the neighbourhood, SFB undertook to replicate Mouille Point’s successful security and cleaning project in Sea Point. In August 2015 The Sea Point Fresnaye Bantry Bay Ratepayers & Residents Association (SFB) launched and is currently rolling out this very same project in Sea Point. With SAPS resources under increasing pressure and an ever increasing influx of people to the area the need was obvious.
Phase 1 tackles Beach Rd from Three Anchor Bay to Saunders, including the Promenade. Phase 2 includes all tributary roads between Main and Beach Roads from Glengariff Road to Saunders. These areas are patrolled by our own security Pofficers who patrols 24/7 on mobile units.  

Phase 1 is cleaned twice a day seven days per week, Phase 2 is cleaned 5 days per week by Straatwerk a NPO who rehabilitates the homeless.

Contributions range from R65 per month per flat to R1500 per month for Restaurants and R2500 for Hotels.
The team has been going block to block presenting the project to residents and as the contributions started coming in they put security officers on mobile units on the streets and got Straatwerk to do the cleaning.
The Project is now in its third year and the team has been going block to block presenting the project to residents, owners, trustees, Body Corporates etc. The restaurants and hotels and several blocks have signed up and are contributing. This has led to the team being able to field three dedicated patrollers 24/7 and cleaning via the Straatwerk team.

Importantly is the dedicated fieldworker, who works with the homeless and offers assistance.

In the time since inception the patrollers have facilitated numerous arrests; responded to many incidents and served to dissuade any amount of would be criminals. The cleaning teams have removed over 9200 refuse bags of litter in 2018 (this is over and above that which the city is removing once a week) and the field worker has helped to reunite a number of homeless with their families and assisted many to get back on their feet and into a shelter.

We have also installed doggy poo bag dispensers and are delighted to confirm that @Fritz is our sponsor along with Tuffy who sponsors our bags. We request all residents, when strolling the promenade, to politely request dog walkers to co-operate.

We find this approach is a winning formula and can seriously turn the tide around and keep our area safe and clean for all who live in and visit it alike.  Importantly it can also make a positive impact on the homeless in need.  But, the project is currently stretched very thin with each mobile unit having to patrol an area of more than 1km which lessens the impact.

Our current goals are:-

• To add further mobile units – having five patrollers 24/7;
• To increase the all Straatwerk cleaning shifts to seven days a week twice a day.
• To employ the fieldworker full time in the area.

SFB are moving into Phase 2, the tributary roads between Beach and Main Roads. 
We need to rally together as a community and take this opportunity to keep our neighbourhood safe and clean.  The city and national government are under huge pressure to deliver services to all areas of Cape Town with the most pressing need currently and rightly being in the underprivileged areas. We cannot and should not rely wholly on them to solve our problems especially when the solution is now within our reach.
For further information contact the SFB Coordinator on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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