SFB Committees

Please view details on all our committees below.

The role of the SFB Executive Committee is to engage with the relevant authorities, to make the most of the services they provide and to ensure that residents have a say in the decisions which affect them. Whether it’s engaging with Council or other service providers such as SAPS and Law Enforcement, or engaging with each other.

Also to ensure that your views are taken into account when Council puts out polices for consideration or advises of events in the area. To alert members so that they can have a say, whether individually or through the Association.

Meetings are held monthly.

SFB EXCO Members:

  • Michael Ender (Chair)
  • Lydia Abel (Vice-Chair)
  • Victor Morris (Treasurer)
  • Juanita Levitan (Secretary)
  • David Polovin
  • David Rose
  • Miles October (Co-opted) – Project H.O.P.E.
  • Gordon Metz (Co-opted)
  • Yusuf Kadwa (Co-opted)
  • Ruth Friedmann (Co-opted)
  • Ilana Shone (Co-opted)

Role of the SFB Planning Committee

Review planning applications for private and public space within the Sea Point, Fresnaye, Bantry Bay (and parts of Three Anchor Bay) areas with a consideration for

  • Heritage considerations
  • Title deed amendments / alterations
  • Land Use Management applications
  • General consultation / assistance with owners / residents within the areas of the SFB
  • Assisting neighbours / city with oversight of building projects to ensure work is completely legally and in line with approvals

SFB Planning Committee Members

  • Lydia Abel
  • Larry Aberman
  • Drew Beattie
  • Gordon Metz
  • Victor Morris
  • David Polovin
  • David Rose
  • Ori Saban
  • Alan Walt

Meetings are held every second Monday

Application form to the SFB Planning Committee

  • Please click on the link to download the form here

Contact details: admin@sfb.org.za