Be in the know


Between newsletters, Facebook and Instagram as well as Whatsapp we keep our members up to date and informed on events and activities taking place in the area, updates on issues at hand, information regarding the SCI (Safety & Cleaning Initiative) etc.

  • It is this association’s aim to accurately represent this community’s interests and lobby the city and other government organisations on areas that we, as ratepayers, feel strongly about.

  • The SFB monitors various city policies to ensure that they have good and fair local governance. We liaise with the city and other organisations and find out what they’re doing and how it affects our area.

  • We communicate with the media on matters that require more public awareness.

  • The SFB feels that it is important to collaborate, interact and share with our neighboring ratepayers associations and CIDs

  • We inform our members on their rights, and educate them on policies and regulations.

For news, advice and queries contact or 063 961 9938

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