SFB Plancomm

The Heritage Project

When one talks about heritage in relation to buildings and architecture, the definition is not limited to only the building itself. There are some beautiful testaments to our heritage and our past in architectural terms in the SFB area. But it some cases, what is regarded as having heritage value may be the overall scale and feel of a block or neighbourhood. In other cases, it could be that that particular house, building, square, wall, tree, road etc. has some significance or historical value. 

One crucial role that Plancomm plays in the SFB is one of consenting or objecting to the demolition or changes of heritage structures for development, rebuilding or renovation. It’s not clear cut and in some cases Plancomm has approved of a demolition where it would seem that it should not have and in others they have taken the City to court in order to object to another that may not look as thought it has as much value. Making these decisions requires taking into consideration multiple, often opposing points of view.

Knowledge and awareness has become vital in the debate, often an appeal to protect a property comes too late because its heritage value had not been recognised sooner. As residents and owners in Sea Point, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay, it has become our responsibility to identify and earmark our own properties or neighbourhoods that have heritage value and protect them.

To this end the SFB has initiated the Heritage Project, which aims to:

  • Create a database of people who are interested in Heritage 
  • Host talks/ run workshops 
  • Identify and earmark buildings and areas of heritage interest and value in the SFB area.
  • Maintain regular contact with Heritage Western Cape
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