Promoting increased security & cleansing

Safety & Cleaning Initiative

In 2014, the SFB saw the need to increase the security and cleansing in the SFB area to complement the existing service from the municipality. The SCI was created and we started working with the blocks of flats along Beach Road and side roads up to Main Road.

It has always been the intention of the SFB to be able to extend the SCI service to the entire SFB area, signing up free standing residences as well as blocks of flats from Main and Regent Roads up beyond Ocean View Drive and Bantry Bay.

The more SCI members who sign up, the more possible this can become.

The SCI is, by no means, a replacement for the required cleaning and security services of the City.

SCI contributions are: R75 per flat per month and automatic SFB membership on submission of contact and residential details.

SCI area map
Avenue Response


Avenue Response is the SFB’s preferred security company for the SFB area. Their commitment to the safety and security of all residents in the area has been evident in their many years of work in these suburbs.

Their presence in our streets has prevented many opportunistic crimes.

avenue response sea point
Project Hope


Project Hope fulfils the cleansing function of the SCI. Created during Covid to extend help to the many homeless who were desperate for help at that time.

Project Hope falls under the umbrella of the NGO PS4L (Play Sports 4 Life)

project hope sea point