SFB for the Community

Urban Management

An essential part of running a city is maintaining, repairing and upgrading what exists and continually improving it. As concerned citizens, we have taken this upon ourselves. A well managed space engenders a good sense of well being, fosters better community spirit and cooperation and reduces the opportunity for urban decay and crime.

We constantly monitor any issues that the city needs to repair by reporting it through the C3 request portal and work with the ward councillor when we require intervention.

The SFB works closely with the ward councillor, city departments, SFB members, residents and businesses and neighbouring organisations in order to facilitate communication regarding:

  • Roads, traffic & transport
  • Parks, beaches & promenade
  • Development & building works
  • Recreation & events
  • Community upliftment
tree felling sea point beach road
SFB for the Community

Safety & Cleansing

It was to this end that the Safety & Cleansing Initiative (SCI) was started in 2014 and operates on Beach Road, up the streets leading to Main and Regent Roads as well as targeting specific roads below High Level road. Plans are in place to go beyond High Level Road.The success of sci is dependent on the number of paid up members in each part of the area. With your help, we can extend this initiative to the entire SFB area and bring it to a higher standard.

Project Hope performs the cleansing function and is a key component of social development in the area.

Avenue Response provides the safety component.

Each SCI member can call the Avenue Response control room for their security response team to attend to any incidences or potentially dangerous activity in the vicinity of their building.

safety + urban management in sea point fresnaye and bantry bay
SFB for the Community

Waste Management

We want to assist the city in reducing waste to landfill and in the process provide cleaner bins on bin day.

Emptier bins means quicker and better smelling rubbish collections, fewer bugs and rodents and less temptation for bin pickers. These are some of the projects running in the area to support this:

Ladles of Love: Feed The Soil organic composting read more

Waste Want: Residential recycling pick up – read more

City Recycling Depot: 89 Tramway Road – call : +27 84 414 6010 for more

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