Illegal dumping is a persistent issue that negatively impacts our beautiful neighborhoods in Sea Point, Fresnaye, and Bantry Bay. Not only is it an eyesore, but it also leads to increased rates and levies for residents. By managing waste responsibly, we can save money and preserve the cleanliness of our communities.

The High Cost of Illegal Dumping

Every year, the City of Cape Town allocates a staggering R350 million to remove illegally dumped waste throughout the Cape metropole. This significant expenditure could be better spent on improving community services and infrastructure rather than addressing preventable waste management issues. When illegal dumping occurs, the financial burden ultimately falls on the taxpayers, driving up our rates and levies.

Steps to Manage Waste Responsibly

Implementing proper waste management procedures is crucial for keeping our Central Business District (CBD) clean and reducing costs associated with illegal dumping. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Manage Your Waste Responsibly: Ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly. Separate recyclables from non-recyclables and use designated waste collection services.
  • Implement an Effective Waste Management Plan: Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, having a structured plan for waste disposal can help prevent illegal dumping. Make use of municipal services and adhere to collection schedules.

Your Role in Keeping Our Neighborhoods Clean

Everyone in our community has a civic duty to help combat illegal dumping. If you witness someone dumping waste illegally, take action. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Report Illegal Dumping: If you see illegal dumping taking place, report it immediately. You can take a photograph or a video as evidence and contact the appropriate authorities.
    • CCID 24-Hour Control Centre: Call or WhatsApp 082 415 7127
    • City of Cape Town:
    • After Hours:
      • 021 957 4700
      • 021 480 7700
      • 107 (from a landline)

Consequences for Illegal Dumpers

The City of Cape Town has intensified efforts to curb illegal dumping by increasing the number of officers patrolling known dumping hotspots, including the CBD. Those caught dumping waste illegally face serious penalties:

  • Fines: Illegal dumpers can be fined anywhere from R500 to R5,000. In extreme cases, fines can escalate to R20,000 or more.

By taking collective action, we can significantly reduce illegal dumping in our areas. Let’s work together to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of Sea Point, Fresnaye, and Bantry Bay. Every small effort counts—manage your waste responsibly, report offenders, and support community initiatives aimed at preserving our environment.

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