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This #ThrowbackThursday, we’re showcasing the Queen’s Beach Train Station.

In the early 20th century, the area now known for the Marine Research Centre in Sea Point had a very different purpose. Around 1910, this location was home to the Queen’s Beach train station, a bustling hub where trams began their scenic journey to Camps Bay.

The linear design of the current road can allegedly be attributed to its historical roots as a railway line.

The train station was positioned where the Marine Research Centre currently built. This was the end of the line. This is also where the tram service started to Camps Bay along what is now the road through Clifton.

The Queen’s Beach train station, established in 1910, saw its railway lines removed in 1929. During its 19 years of operation, it provided a vital link between Sea Point and the broader Cape Town area. The road that currently runs past the Marine Research Centre, in front of the Peninsula Hotel, is a modern-day homage to its past. The bus stop opposite the hotel, still called ‘Queen’s Beach Station,’ serves as a nod to the historic train station.

What we now know as Beach Road was originally the railway line that connected Queen’s Beach to the city centre of Cape Town, passing notable landmarks such as the Green Point Stadium. The railway featured five stops, offering a glimpse into the area’s historical connectivity.

As we stroll along Beach Road today, it’s fascinating to envision the trains that once traveled this route, weaving through Sea Point and connecting communities. This historical insight not only enriches our understanding of the area’s past but also highlights the dynamic changes in infrastructure and urban development that have shaped Sea Point over the decades.

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