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In light of the Level 8 weather warning forecasted for Thursday, the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has announced the closure of schools across most of its districts, including schools in Sea Point (including Three Anchor Bay) and Fresnaye for Thursday, 11 July 2024. This precautionary measure aims to ensure the safety and well-being of learners, teachers, and staff amid the anticipated severe weather conditions.

Weather Warning Details

The South African Weather Service issued a Level 8 warning, indicating the likelihood of extremely disruptive weather. This warning encompasses heavy rainfall, strong winds, and potential flooding, posing significant risks to the community. The WCED’s decision to close schools is a proactive step to mitigate these risks and prevent any potential accidents or disruptions that could arise from the adverse weather.

Impact on Local Schools

The closure is due to affects all schools in our area. Parents and guardians are advised contact the school, if in doubt, and to keep their children at home and ensure they remain safe indoors during the storm. Schools will communicate directly with parents regarding any additional safety measures, homework assignments, or online learning opportunities during the closure.

Community Safety Measures

As the storm continues to impact not only Sea Point, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay, but the greater Cape Town area, we urge residents and visitors alike to stay safe. You can do this by:

  • Stay Informed: Keep updated with the latest weather reports and alerts from reliable sources.
  • Secure Property: Ensure that outdoor furniture, bins, and other loose items are secured to prevent them from being blown away by strong winds.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Travel: If possible, stay off the roads during the storm to avoid hazardous driving conditions.
  • Emergency Contacts: Keep emergency contact numbers handy and know the location of your nearest emergency shelter if evacuation becomes necessary.

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