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The City of Cape Town’s Urban Waste Management (UWM) Directorate is currently facing widespread waste collection delays as a result of the recent heavy rains. These adverse weather conditions have significantly disrupted the movement and operation of waste compactors and collection teams throughout the city.

The intense rainfall has not only impeded transportation but has also affected the operations at disposal facilities. Moreover, the challenging conditions have led to a reduction in staff availability, further compounding the delays.

Important Reminders for Residents

During this period of disruption, the City of Cape Town advises residents to adhere to the following guidelines to manage waste effectively:

  1. Avoid Illegal Dumping: Residents are urged not to resort to illegal dumping. The City is committed to clearing any backlogs as quickly as possible once conditions improve.
  2. Daily Bin Placement: If your waste is not collected as scheduled, please continue to place your bin out each day until it is emptied. In areas where bins are not accessible due to floodwaters, collection will resume once the water has drained.
  3. Recycling and Composting: To manage household waste more efficiently during this time, residents are encouraged to recycle and compost.

The UWM Directorate sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused by these delays and assures residents that every effort will be made to service their bins as soon as conditions permit.

For further updates and information, please contact the City of Cape Town.

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