avenue response street cleansing team

In a significant stride towards maintaining the pristine allure of the Atlantic Seaboard, Avenue Response has unveiled an innovative street cleaning initiative dedicated to the neighborhoods of Fresnaye, Sea Point, and Bantry Bay. The Sea Point Fresnaye Bantry Bay Ratepayers & Residents’ Association (SFB) extends its heartfelt commendation to Avenue Response for its proactive role in community welfare.

As a valued partner of the SFB’s Security & Cleansing Initiative, Avenue Response has pledged its support to sponsor a specialized street cleaning team. This initiative underscores their commitment not only as stakeholders but also as dedicated supporters of the local community. It represents a crucial step forward in addressing cleanliness concerns and enhancing the overall ambiance of the region.

With Avenue Response’s street cleaning team poised to tackle hotspots, residents and visitors can anticipate an elevated quality of life and a more welcoming environment.

The Sea Point Fresnaye Bantry Bay Ratepayers & Residents’ Association urges residents to join in celebrating this commitment to community welfare. Through collaborative efforts, the Atlantic Seaboard can be preserved as a beacon of beauty and charm for generations to come.

The SFB looks forward to the continued success of this initiative and encourages active participation from all members of the community in fostering a cleaner and more vibrant Atlantic Seaboard.