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As residents of Sea Point, Fresnaye, and Bantry Bay, it’s important to stay informed about construction activities in our area. Whether you’re planning a building project or need to report suspected illegal construction, knowing who to contact can help ensure that everything is handled properly and efficiently. Here is a guide to the essential contacts for construction-related matters.

Applying for a Building Permit

Before starting any construction project, it’s essential to obtain the necessary building permits. This ensures that your project complies with local regulations and safety standards.

How to Apply for a Building Permit:

  1. Visit the City of Cape Town Website: Detailed information and application forms for building permits can be found on the City of Cape Town’s official website.
  2. Prepare Your Documents: Make sure you have all required documentation ready. This typically includes plans, specifications, and other relevant details about your project.
  3. Submit Your Application: Follow the instructions on the website to submit your application. If you need assistance, the City of Cape Town’s customer service can guide you through the process.

For further assistance with building permit applications, you can contact the City of Cape Town’s Building Development Management team for Table Bay:

Reporting Suspected Illegal Construction

Illegal construction can pose safety hazards and negatively impact our community. If you suspect that construction is being carried out without the proper permits, it’s crucial to report it to the authorities.

How to Report Suspected Illegal Construction:

  • Call: You can report illegal construction by calling the City of Cape Town’s dedicated line at 021 400 6444. This line is specifically for concerns related to unauthorized building activities.
  • Email: Alternatively, you can send an email with details about the suspected illegal construction to Include as much information as possible to help the authorities investigate the matter promptly.

By reporting illegal construction, you help maintain the integrity and safety of our community.

The Role of the SFB Ratepayers & Residents Association’s Plancomm

The Sea Point, Fresnaye & Bantry Bay Ratepayers & Residents Association’s Planning Committee (Plancomm) plays a pivotal role in maintaining the standards of construction and development in our area. Our committee of volunteer professionals meets fortnightly to review municipal laws, building applications for departures, and provide professional guidance in respect of:

  • General Consultation and Assistance: We assist the City, developers, owners, and residents in the SFB area regarding compliance, legality, and approvals.
  • Title Deed Amendments/Alterations: We provide guidance and oversight on amendments and alterations to title deeds.
  • Heritage Protection: Through our Heritage Project, we aim to protect our architectural heritage by identifying and registering buildings and sites of heritage value and significance.
  • Environmental Issues: We address environmental concerns that impact our coastal area.

Submitting Plans for Approval

If you need to submit plans for approval, they must be reviewed by the SFB Planning Committee. To do this, download and complete the planning form and once completed, email the form to You can download the form here.

Why This Matters

Ensuring that all construction projects adhere to local regulations is vital for several reasons:

  • Safety: Proper permits and inspections help guarantee that buildings are constructed safely and can withstand various environmental factors.
  • Community Aesthetics: Following regulations helps preserve the aesthetic appeal and character of our neighborhoods.
  • Legal Compliance: Adhering to building codes and regulations helps avoid legal issues and potential fines.


Staying informed and proactive about construction activities in Sea Point, Fresnaye, and Bantry Bay helps protect our community’s safety, beauty, and overall quality of life. If you have any construction-related queries or need to report suspicious activities, don’t hesitate to contact the relevant City of Cape Town departments, or reach out to SFB Plancomm:

Let’s work together to keep our community safe and thriving!

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